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Fatigue and Weakness


If you constantly feel tired and weak no matter how much you sleep, how much coffee you drink or how much you exercise, and you are looking for a different approach to address your symptoms, this test might give you some very valuable insights as well as a treatment plan. Certain imbalances of different trace minerals and heavy metals that you aren't aware of may be related to your symptoms. We want to help you find out. First, let's understand what we should look out for:

Mercury and Cobalt are two chemical elements that can can have a direct link to chronic fatigue and energy levels. Here's why you should get tested for these elements.


Mercury is a very common environmental contaminant. Many people are exposed to high levels of mercury in their everyday life without being aware of it. Mercury can be inhaled or swollen, and the primary sources of exposure include fish consumption and dental fillings.

Mercury toxicity can affect our health in many ways, particularly the immune and nervous system. It can often explain a chronic fatigue condition, therefore, if you constantly feel exhausted, your symptoms are not responding to the usual treatment and you’ve ruled out other potential causes or conditions, it is highly recommended to test for mercury toxicity.



Cobalt is a key part of Vitamin B-12. It may become toxic after too much exposure, but in the right concentrations, it has health benefits and boosts the production of red blood cells.

Cobalt deficiency can cause Anemia, which will result in symptoms like chronic fatigue and weakness. However, very high level of cobalt may affect the thyroid gland and result in similar symptoms. This is why it is important to make sure you have balanced levels of cobalt.


Along with your results, we provide tips and recommendations about nutrition and supplements which are based on your results. We will also guide you on detoxification, if it’s required in your case.


Alternatively,you can take our 35-element Test to get a broader picture and discover the levels of 35 different metals and minerals which may have a direct influence on your symptoms and your overall health.

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