Food Cravings & Healthy Weight

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Food Cravings & Healthy Weight


If you, like many people, have a sweet tooth and maintaining a healthy weight seems challenging, this test can provide some meaningful insights about what’s really going on.

A possible reason for constant sugar craving is chromium deficiency.

Chromium is an essential trace mineral, which means we only need very small amounts of it to enjoy its health benefits. Chromium plays a significant role in improving the way our bodies use insulin and keeping blood sugar levels in check. When a deficiency occurs, blood sugar levels can significantly increase, which may result in constant cravings.

It is taken orally to help control cholesterol levels, binge eating and metabolic issues and maintain a healthy weight.

This test will check for chromium levels over an extended period of time and reveal whether a deficiency could be responsible for your cravings.

Along with your results, you will get nutritional recommendations that will help you maintain a healthy balance of nutrients.

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